What I do

European cooperation

A dynamic Franco-German duo is essential for a stable Europe, but the political pair is not formed exclusively in Paris and Berlin. This duo is brought to life through society and through economic and cultural teamwork.

I am committed to dynamic, cross-border partnership. My focus is on digital workshops, project management and business development. 

Cultural management and media management

The examination of art and culture refers to the past and the handling of transmitted values, it has at the same time a future-oriented dimension and contains visions of a future society“. (German Cultural Council ‘ 2010)

My heart beats for art, culture and politics. I am convinced of their importance for a free and democratic conception of the world. Accordingly, one of my core concerns is to advise and manage cultural, social and political projects.

Digital Transformation

 “We need to gain a capacity to reflect, in order to decide when we use which media for what purpose and how they work“. (S. Walter / J. Stahl )

As a music and media computer scientist I have experience in media design and web development. One of my specialties is the evaluation and development of digital products. I am a passionate consultant and developer, as well as a bridge-builder between non-developers and developers.

Manager with digital mindset and passion for culture, politics and social affairs.

Web Projects

Web Development


Web Development + Project leadership


Web Development


Web Development + Corporate Identity

You don't always have to choose; I combine IT, politics and cultural management.


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I am looking forward to contact requests and inspiring exchange.